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“Scientific Talent Management”

Competencies and ROI

High Potentials

Lominger’s Talent Management System

Integrated development options - Research-based, experience-tested and completely integrated, Lominger Talent Management System can be used for everything from organizational development and job profiling to selection, training, individual and team development, succession planning and more.  Lominger’s tools and services serve as the foundation of  a global business of  leadership development resources for individuals, teams and organizations.  Lominger’s mission is to help organizations meet development challenges by  offering the tools, applications and support that can make a difference in organizations and in the practice of  developing leaders around the world.  Learn more.

Built upon 67 Competencies, 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers, and 7 Global Focus Areas identified as critical to success. A competency is a measurable characteristic of a person related to success at work. It can be a skill, an attribute or an attitude. Since Lominger competencies drive the majority of  job success, they are the universal common denominator in creating effective HR systems.  How do you find the right ones, how do your training people on competencies, and what is the ROI.  Learn more.

Learning agility is defined as the “ability and willingness to learn from experience and apply that learning to perform successfully in new situations.” Distinct from intelligence—learning agility is the single, best predictor of high potential.  Agile learners tend to know what to do when they don’t know what to do.  They are today’s and tomorrow’s most successful leaders.  How do you find your real high potentials, the learning agile?  Learn more.

Sales Force Alignment

 Sales organizations want to ensure that their sales forces are align to better meet changing business strategies.  They want to significantly increase  the  chance of hiring “A” players to drive an increase in their sales.  They need to be sure that their sales management is focused on the right strategies and behaviors to get the most out of their sale force..  Companies would like to maximize their ROI on sales force training.  Learn how companies are doing all of this and more.  Learn more.

Professional Colleagues and Sources

I have put together a list of professional colleagues that I have worked with over the years.  I find their work both interesting and first rate.  I have also included sources for products and services that I use.  Learn more.

Resources: Our Publications and Whitepapers

Learning Agility Self-Assessment: viaEDGE

viaEdge joins CHOICES Architect and Leaning From Experience as the third Korn Ferry/Lominger offering to assess Learning Agility.  The viaEDGE assessment can give coaches and human resource professional the ability to identify learning agile candidates for high potential and broad leadership roles.  Learn more.