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Publications and Whitepapers

High Potentials

CHOICES and Promotions

Three companies used CHOICES to assess the Learning Agility of nearly 300 people. The performance and promotions of these people were tracked over time. Comparisons were made between the people who were promoted and their Learning Agility scores. Additional comparisons were made regarding performance. (2010)

Executive Derailment: Three Cases in Point and How to Prevent It

The authors  discuss the most common factors in the failures of CEO’s, executives, and high potentials; examine three cases where companies implemented well-designed plans to save a career in trouble; and provide recommendations to individuals and organizations alike for preventing promising careers from stalling out.   Global Business and Organizational Excellence  (2008)

The Development and Validation of a Self Assessment of Learning Agility

The purpose of this technical report is to review the concept of Learning Agility, it’s importance as a key indicator of High potential, and  the development and validation of a new self assessment of Learning Agility. The viaEDGE™ instrument was designed to measure Overall Learning Agility, as well as the following five different facets of the construct: (a) Mental Agility, (b) People Agility, (c) Change Agility, (d) Result Agility, and (e) Self-Awareness. (2011)

Three Ways to Identify High Potentials

How do you identify the strategic few who are Learning Agile and best to lead.  Learning Agility is defined as the “ability and willingness to learn from experience and apply that learning to perform  successfully in new situations.”  Distinct from intelligence – Learning Agility is the single, best predictor of high potential.  Learn three different ways to identify Learning Agile people. (2011)

Criterion-Related Validation of the CHOICES: Potential and Performance

Using the assessment data from two international CHOICES® clients, we analyzed how learning agility scores are related to some  important criteria measures. In addition we analyzed the relationship between CHOICES and age.  This short report presents the results. (2011)

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