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“Scientific Talent Management”

For over 30 years book after book, article after article has shown that the "secret sauce" for success in the marketplace has been a first class talent management process - having a pipeline of full of the right people in the right jobs.  

Research has shown that organizations can gain significant benefits and improve their bottom-line if the sales force  is aligned with  the business strategy.

Organizational alignment and talent management only work when your executives and managers are fully equipped to execute your business strategy.  

Korn Ferry/Lominger certifications are the key to an integrated talent management system.  Korn Ferry/Lominger certifications provide the skills, knowledge, and common language needed to drive an integrated talent management system.  

An integrated, science based human resource function can have a significant impact on the bottom-line.  To reach that goal your organization needs a fully trained core of human resource professionals.  

Over the last 15 years or so talent management has moved from a combination of best practices and best guesses to a field solidly grounded in good research.  A fully integrated talent management approach builds on this foundation of research to maximizes its impact and effectiveness.  

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The self assessment viaEDGE can assess internal talent for placement of:

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News Update:

Larry Clark, co-author of viaEDGE, can conduct Learning Agility certifications for your organization.  

Just released: Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP) and Korn Ferry Leadership Architect (KFLA) certifications.


For more in formation on these certifications call 914.488.5532 or send an e-mail to