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“Scientific Talent Management”

Publications and Whitepapers

Making Millions by Mining Management Competency Data

With the broad implementation of 360-degree feedback instruments over the past two decades, many large organizations are sitting on reams of data that hold critical clues to identifying and developing their best performing employees. But the vast majority of companies using 360-degree feedback instruments fail to fully exploit the information these tools produce – the data is most often used for developmental reviews, and seldom for increasing productivity or generating incremental revenue.  The Korn/Ferry Institute (2008)

Competencies and ROI

Measuring the ROI of Competency Management

Competency-based human capital management practices can prove to be of substantial value in real financial terms. In order to realize the return-on-investment (ROI) of such practices, a company must know how to measure competency and how it directly affects the bottom line.  Human Capital Institute (2006)

Stop Overdoing Your Strengths

In today’s marketplace, feedback on overused strengths must be fully integrated into leadership development.  The VOICES 360 feedback instrument developed by Lominger International has long included ratings on whether the person receiving feedback is overdoing a competency.   Letter to the Editor - Harvard Business Review  (2009)

447 Percent ROI on Competency Training

“As a result of this assessment, we learned that we need to run our training programs like a business.  In the past, it was all about the relationships that are developed at the programs.  While those are still important, we now know how much the program helps our bottom-line. “ (2010)

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Learning Agility and Competencies: Does one predict the other?

As the concept of Learning Agility becomes more embedded in the talent management processes of organizations the question arises - can other key elements of talent management predict Learning Agility?  The purpose of this white paper is to report on one such effort. (2016)