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“Scientific Talent Management”

Korn Ferry/Lominger Products

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Go to the Lominger website for more information about specific tools and products.. Learn about the latest products and tools that can support your talent management efforts.  Many tools and products are available in multiple languages.  You can review prices and ang place orders..  Just be careful the on-line  store  is not easy to navigate.  Learn more.  

Assessment Associates International

Assessment Associates International (AAI) provides leading-edge assessments tools and HR consulting services. AAI’s cognitive ability, personality, and multi-rater assessments tools are carefully validated and designed for the work environment.  They are web-based, available in eight languages, and can be extensively customized to client’s needs.  AAI’s Industrial/Organizational Psychologists build customized solutions and help clients maximize the effectiveness of their talent.  Psychometrically their stuff is very good. Learn more.

Focus Leadership

Ginny Whitelaw and Mark Kiefaber are founders of Focus Leadership.  Focus Leadership, developer of the FEBI® (a unique, validated personality assessment  measuring 4 energy patterns in the nervous system), certifies coaches in its use, and integrates the patterns into their highly acclaimed leadership programs, team sessions and executive coaching.  I took the  FEBI® very interesting.  Learn more.

The New York Times: I have been reading The New York Times for over 40 years. Great stuff.  You can reach them at:

MBTI: I have been using the MBTI in my practice for over 30 years.  Find out more at:

Other Resources

Rich Leadership

Rich Leadership is a small, boutique service firm. The decision to work together is undertaken mutually. Their client base is limited—restricted by the constraints of time, the needs of existing clients and ultimately determined by whether we can together create an effective, results-oriented relationship.. Learn more.

The Wall Street Journal: I have been reading The Wall Street Journal for over 40 years. Great stuff.  You can reach them at:

Other Resources:  Competencies and ROI  - High Potentials - Lominger Talent Management System -

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Twenty years of experience working with kids and adolescents who have trouble fitting in either with other family members or their school environment.   Most have difficulty regulating their mood and behavior and are wired differently than other kids.  The focus of my work is to understand why certain behaviors repeatedly occur and to help families and schools develop better ways of dealing with those problems.  Many of these children/adults carry diagnoses of ASP/HFA, ADHD, and/or MOOD REGULATION DISORDER. Learn more.  

Sheri Baron, Ph.D.