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Talent Management

Future of Work

Wanted: Fully Engaged, Learning-Agile People

While the future of work is unclear, what will not change in the future is the need for ‘learning -agile’ people who are fully engaged in their work regardless of their career path or tenure at the organization – or who manages them.   Special Issue: The Future of Work - People & Strategy (2008)

Lominger’s Talent Management System

Talent Management Powered by Lominger

In order to survive and compete in the marketplace, every organization has to have a process to respond to its needs for talented people.  Whether organizations use the term Talent Management, Human Capital or some other label,  organizations must have in place procedures and techniques to address the following key issues.  Lominger provides a complete suite of products and services to meet those needs.

New - Identify High Potentials using viaEDGE (see  page 9).  (2012)

Lominger Tools and Services - Highlight Version

Integrated developmental options. Research-based, experience-tested and completely integrated, Lominger Tools and Services can be used for everything from organizational development and job profiling to selection, training, individual and team development, succession planning and more.. Lominger Tools and Services serve as the foundation of a global business of leadership development resources for individuals, teams and organizations. (2010)

Lominger Talent Management - The Basics

This two page article lays out the Lominger integrated talent management system.  It is designed as an overview for the busy executive and manager who need a basic understanding of how all of the pieces of the Lominger system fit together.  Using a simple model it shows how all the elements can be leveraged to create a powerful leadership machine for you organization. (2012)

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Video on Talent Management

I normally do not do movie or video reviews and recommendations as part of my regular workday.  However I got sent this link to a fabulous video for those of us in the talent management business.  This video is 11 minutes long – so don’t start it until you have 11 minutes.  You will not want to stop once you start watching.  It totally tells the Learning Agility/Lominger story – minus the boring “corporate” speak, and through a whole different “lens.”  He even draws a modified 9-box.  What makes it even more amazing is that I am sure he has never heard of Lominger, viaEDGE, or Learning Agility.  I  am so bored by the “institutional” knowledge / speak we all get caught up in.  As my kids would say "this is beyond cool."